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2624 Polymer Sprocket Tapered Roller

Conveyor Type: Single or double driven sprocket roller conveyor curve
Applications: Indoor Transportation
Package goods, plastic tote containers, cardboard cartons etc.
Tube Type: Welded steel inner tube 50mm dia.
Plastic tapered outer sleeve
Shaft: Spring loaded type: 11mm Hex, 12mm dia.
Female threaded type: 12mm dia.
Bearing: Plastic bearing housing Nylon 66.
Beaing end cap seal: PP.
Precision bearing 6002 double face sealed
Sprocket: Plastic sprocket type:
2614 type No. of teeth = 14 (08B Chain)
2624 type No. of teeth = 14 (08A Chain)

Female Thread

Tube diameter(D) Axis diameter(d)    
56 12/15 E=W+9 L=W+11


Tube Axis diameter(d)  
Steel, Zinc Plated 230~305 2.624.JH3.ACC
  330~405 2.624.JH4.ACC
  430~505 2.624.JH5.ACC
  530~605 2.624.JH6.ACC
  630~705 2.624.JH7.ACC
  730~805 2.624.JH8.ACC